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Parking at Hotel Córdoba Centro

The Hotel has a secure Parking open 24x7. The Hotel being located in the city center, has access roads to it partially predestrian or residents, but the access to the Hotel is free, so it can be accessed easily and seamlessly as directed.

If you come by driving you can park in the Parking Calle Sevilla 5 (attached to the Hotel and on the same property) with direct

access to the Hotel reception. You will see a neon sign with our logo on the front entrance to the car park.

If you have any questions on how to get both the Hotel and the Parking Calle Sevilla 5 (both are attached), visit Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp and GPS 37º 53' 1 "N / 4º 46' 47" W or call the numbers +34 957 49 18 75 or +34 957 49 78 50.

You can also check the Parking website:


How to get here - long version video

How to get here - short version video

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